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Sausage brat buns plus

Hey yall!!

Wow it's June already! And the weekend weather wise looks great!!

We made some new things tgat we added to our online ordering or you can buy right in the cafe too.

First up are our new brat or sausage buns and let me say these are really good!! Topped with a few black sesame seeds they are the perfect size for our brats and Italian sausage links they come in bags of 4

Also we added our roasted garlic hummus which i personally don't lije hummus but with that yummy roasted garlic its quite tasty. Available in cafe in containers or online.

Also we are adding a new vegetarian sandwich which will be a vegan chickpea salad on our vegan multigrain bread I will get pics of that and post it

We also are going to be offering our homemade my recipe of tuna salad. Tjis will be available in cafe aling with some homemade seeded sourdough crackers. I will also post pics of that when I make it next week.

I wanted to share with you our two new additions to our farm. Meet Willie and Spirit a pair of mini horses that needed a home due to no fault of theirs. They are just too sweet!! And fit perfectly with our other furry hooves kids.

Hope y'all have am awesome weekend I will be back to share early next week.

Sending blessings.

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