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Playing with pizza dough

Updated: Apr 26

We are going to be selling pizza dough on the online ordering site now so Ricky and i made a test batch!! Watch for the dough starting monday!!

We made the dough and let it rest meanwhile since Ricky is vegan we decided to try it out and make it vegan

I love these play days in the kitche experimenting and creating!!

Sauteed cherry tomatoes with sliced onion in olive oil fresh chopped garlic and basil to create a sauce.

This is the rolled out 1 pound crust

i like to bake pizzas on a little corn meal

We topped it with the tomatoes, then added thin sliced yellow squash and zucchini

Guys this is so easy and so tasty!! We have all the veggies and vegan meats to make a pizza perfect for your taste!

I honestly didn't even miss the cheese or the traditional sauce but you definitely can add it to yours this was just what we did.

When it came out of oven i drizzeled a bit of olive oil on top and dried parsley and basil. Wow!! This is a winner!

Remember next week you can get the dough from us and all you do is keep frozen but take out and let thaw in fridge overnight or the morning you want to use it. Top it with fresh veggies and there you go!!

Pizza night is Easy peasy quick now.

Have a great night be back tomorrow!!

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