• dbswestfahl

Lots of additions today

Well it was quite a productive monday at UCR. Trialed one of our frozen pizza dough today. I took it out and let it thaw then shaped it into a circle and left a bit of a rim around edge. Super easy peasy!! We have all kinds of fresh produce so it's fun to play with toppings, this one had sauteed Roma tomatoes, sliced zucchini, yellow squash, ham and red onion and topped with a little mozzarella and parm. After coming out of oven i topped it with just a little olive oil. Yummmmmm! You got to make one!! The crust was my main concern and this was thick enough for me and so soft and edge a bit crispy. We added the 1pound dough balls to the online ordering system so you can make your own and check out our selection of vegan meats! I think they would be good on here and like I said you don't need sauce you could keep it simple using tomatoes and olive oil.

Jen our sandwich queen just cant keep up making our Turkey sandwiches it's awesome!! Also i had some of our veggie rice bowls for deliveries today these had sauteed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, baked sweet potato slices, zucchini, and roasted carrots on top of organic brown rice.

Andddddddd I made extra multi grain dough to make some hamburger buns, which i made a sandwich for supper using one and they are super soft and delicious. Over all alot made today

I'll be adding my dillicioys dill dip packages and cincinatti dip mix and look out im making pierogi this week!!

Have a wonderful evening and stay safe and healthy!! Thank you so very much for your support we couldn't do this without you!! #uncommongrocers #uncommoncoffeeroasters #chickenscratchfarm #groceries #grocetiesdeliveredtoyourdoor #eatdrinksdf #saugatuckmi #food #produce #madefromscratch #goodfood #healthyeats #bakeryinsaugatuck #pizza #homemadepierogi #turkeysandwiches #lunchinsaugatuck