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Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy mothers day to all moms!! Wheter they have 2 legged kids, furry four legged kids, or hooved kids you are amazing women!! Do something fun and relaxing today as we all know a mothers work is never done!!

Yesterday was our busiest day with our grocery delivery business and it was exciting and fun and hectic but in a good way knowing we are supplying people with fresh local produce and baked goods made from scratch!!

Here's just a peek making up the boxes for deliveries we had. They were so well recieved i even sent my mother in law stuff for them to grill, eat with breakfast, and deserts along wirh some fresh fruits. I think the next box which will be for father's day I am going to put together a dads brunch box and snacky things for my dad and father in law.

Heres a few pics of things we made yesterday, our roasted veggie rice bowl and Turkey sandwiches on house made multi grain buns. These sandwiches are so popular we make them daily wuth fresh organic greens, red onions, our seasoned chipotle aioli, Turkey breast lunch meat, aged cheddar cheese and sliced apples. Super flavorful!!

I was training Marvin on how to make my cinnamon twist bread, hes duch a natural he did great!!

And Ricky and i wanted to make a vegan gluten free bread so we went savory with black olives and fresh herbs and roasted cherry tomatoes. Wow!! With a little tweaking we might be offering this loaf for sale soon.

Be back soon hope yall have a wonderful day!! Moms remember enjoy yourself today!!

Take care stay safe!! đź’•