• dbswestfahl

Fresh herbs

We have fresh basil, rosemary and one if my favorites thyme!! Did you know you can flavor baked goods sweet or savory with herbs with delicious results. Thyme and lemon are so good or add thyme to your soups or roasted veggies. Basil pairs very well wth strawberries or peaches ive made infused lemonades with both those flavors. You can try it by just steeping your herbs in hot water to make a tea and add it to whatever you want. Try it and experiment.

I added streusel topped blueberry bread to our online store and as well as at the cafe using local blue star farms blueberries. The sweet potatoas were roasted with rosemary and thyme for our veggie rice bowls along with zucchini, roasted carrots, sweet red peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions and yellow squash. And we have added multigrain hamburger buns to the store, these will also be used on a take out Turkey sandwich soon.

  1. We also started our new line of locally made meats! I tried the sirloin steaks and marinated them overnight cooked them on the grill and super tender and very lean and flavorful, sure will get more if them. I also cooked the andoiue sausage and wow!! Yummy. I sauteed cherry tomatoes with red peppers and onions in olive ook with basil salt pepper and garlic to make a sauce then tossed elbow macaroni with it and topped with the sausage and parmesan cheese and parsley. Have a great night and stay safe!! Happy cooking and baking!!