• dbswestfahl

Coming next week!!

We are working on putting a couple entree items on the grocery site. Here is one we triailed today!!

Pan seared organic chicken breasts along with sauteed spinach in garlic oil and cherry tomatoes with red peppers sauteed in basil and garlic. That all goes onto a bed of brown rice then i topped it with a pesto sauce and fresh minced basil leaves. So yummy!! Also we are going to be offering some fresh local hamburger so i thought we will need buns for burgers!! First ones i tried are multigrain topped with organic sesame seeds. They are a keeper for sure!!

These items should be listed next week!!

Time for me to go home so hope y'all have a wonderful night and stay safe!!

And thank you for your business and trusting us to feed your families!! We appreciate you!! And love our customers!!