We've partnered with some truly amazing businesses who use only the best ingredients. The best part is, it's all local!

201 Culver Street, Unit #1

Saugatuck MI. 49453

It started with the desperate text, “Where can I get some kale around here???” from a Los Angeles friend in town for a wedding. I understood his pain. As a Saugatuck native I loved my frequent visits home to see family & friends but found it challenging to find easily, accessible, nutritious food. Living in West Hollywood for the last eleven years as a  gluten-free, vegan, organic healthy food was easier to get than locating a Starbucks!  Saugatuck needed some serious kale!!

My personal journey towards health and well-being had already had my creative juices flowing years prior. Being positively impacted in my own life by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing, I wanted to share these benefits with the world.  What better of a place to start then my hometown! My one goal is to make healthy living easier for everyone.  After some deep meditation and a good night’s rest, the name Tree of Life Juice was born. The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future and that is exactly what this business represents!

Tree of Life Juice handcrafted beverages were created to offer tremendous health benefits. Our juices are *Cold-Pressed so that they maintain 100% of nutrients, vitamins & enzymes. 

We aim to help people every day find more balance by adding this simple, easy step to their lives.

1832 South 11th St.

Niles MI 49120

Ethan and Rose Shelton started Shelton Farms in 1947 when they sold their corner grocery store near Lincoln Park in Chicago and moved their family to Berrien Center, Michigan. To help make ends meet, Ethan barbered in Niles and Rose worked as a payroll clerk at Berrien General Hospital. Eventually, Ethan owned his own barbershop and Rose became personnel manager and filled in as administrator of the hospital.

Ethan and Rose were married for 69 years until she passed in 1995. Ethan Shelton passed away on March 19th, 2014.  He lived to be 110 years old!  Ethan was extremely active to the very end.  He was a ballroom dancer, avid gardener, and a (decent) Golfer. When Ethan was asked about the secret is to his longevity, he always suggested that you chew your food well and eat lots of vegetables. Those who were close to Ethan would say that his eternal good humor, positive thinking and active lifestyle probably contributed to his longevity as well.

6785 Enterprise, Douglas MI 49406